King Ghidorah 1964 (Bandai Premium) - Two-Figure Set

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King Ghidorah 1964 arrives in this incredible two-figure set from Bandai Preimum!

This set includes King Ghidorah 1964 in all his traditional golden-colored glory as well as a tri-colored concept version from the original promotional material! In addition to two complete Ghidorah figures, a third set of heads with white eyes from the original painted lobby cards are also included!

This is a set from Bandai Premium that can not be missed!


  • King Ghidorah 1964 Gold Version
  • King Ghidorah 1964 Tri-Color Version
  • 3x White Eye Replacement Heads


  • PVC 


  • King Ghidorah (1964)
    Total height: about 24cm
    Total width: about 34cm