MechaGodzilla 1975 (12-inch series)

  • $ 179.99


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* It's possible that our shipment of MechaGodzilla 1975 figures could arrive from the distributor damaged. Often, the "missile fingers" on MechaGodzilla's right hand arrive broken from the distributor. We will fulfill customer orders based on when the orders were placed with non-broken figures. After these orders have been filled, broken figures will be available at a discounted price. Customers with existing pre-orders will be given priority to obtain a broken figure.

* All MechaGodzilla 1975 boxes will be opened and inspected for damage. We will add additional reinforcement to the art box and plastic shell to hopefully prevent damage when shipping these figures to you. 

This item ships from the United States to the world. Shipping is calculated during checkout for stocked items. For preorders and payment plans, shipping invoices are sent when items are ready for shipment.

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Mechagodzilla has gone on a terrible rampage that can only be stopped by Godzilla himself! This vinyl figure recreates Mechagodzilla as he appeared in the 1975 film, Terror of Mechagodzilla!