Godzilla 1964, GTTHM (Large Monster Series) - Standard Version (US Release)

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Awesome Collector is an authorized X-Plus dealer from Shonen RIC. This figure is officially licensed for sale in the United States. It is an international release.

Product size: Godzilla Height : 25cm
Product specifications:
painted finished product.

Godzilla 1964 from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster joins the Large Monster Series in 25cm scale! This is the regular version release. The RIC-Boy exclusive is also available from X-Plus, which includes miniature Rodan and Mothra figures.

Product details:
Godzilla body
Godzilla tail

Product Material
Godzilla body - PVC
Godzilla tail - PVC

Target age:
15 years old or older

* Please note that the final design may differ slightly from these initial images. Coloring is done manually. Please note that fine scratches, uneven paint, and shades of some color tone may be different for each figure. In the process of product shipping, fine scratches, rubbing and dirt may occur. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.