One Million Years B.C. Allosaurus & Tumak Set (32cm, 12-inch series, Star Ace Toys)

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From Star Ace Toys. Star Ace salutes the work of Harryhausen with the soft vinyl statues of the menacing Allosaurus and brave caveman, Tumak! The Allosaurus stands 12.5" tall and is sculpted to exactly recreate the original Harryhausen stop-motion model, and features a detailed, hand painted color scheme to match.  It comes with a rocky terrain base featuring the One Million Years BC logo. In scale with the Allosaurus, Tumak stands 6" tall and wears a synthetic fur tunic. He stands on a rocky terrain base and brandishes his spear. The combined set comes with both Tumak and the Allosaurus, the bases fit together to create the full scene.


  • Allosaurus
    • 12.60 inches (32cm)
    • Made of vinyl
    • From the classic One Million Years B.C.
    • Sculpted to exactly match the Ray Harryhausen stop-motion model
    • Base featuring the One Million Years B.C. logo
  • Tumak
    • 5.90 inches (15cm)xplususa30cm
    • Made of vinyl
    • From the classic One Million Years B.C.
    • Synthetic fur tunic
    • Rocky terrain base


  • Allosaurus figure
  • Tumak figure