About Us

Do you want new comics at huge discounts (35% to 50% off), every week, with no shipping costs, and with bags and boards included for free?

As a life-long comics and collectible fan, I founded AwesomeCollector.com in 2017 to deliver just that. If you're into comics and live in the Pittsburgh area, may I present to you the best site imaginable for new comics, AwesomeCollector.com.

A little history and some comparisons...

Comics at the local comic shop are expensive. If you just walk off the street into the shop, you're usually paying full price. If you set up a pull list, you're sometimes "guaranteed" new comics (until it's a "hot book" that is), and you receive a discount. The best I ever found was around 20% off or so.

I tired of the local comic shop a long time ago so I've been ordering comics online for close to two decades. But, there were always a few things I didn't particularly like about it. Unless I wanted to pay a lot for shipping, I had to wait a month after comics were released to read them. Bags and boards were also added to my price and I was never able to get any sort of bulk discounts on them. And, I had to pay shipping. Sure, the online discounts were always much better than my local comic shop, but there was some baggage.

AwesomeCollector.com fixes everything!

And, it's simple. When choosing shipping for your order, choose "Local Pickup - SportsCardsEtc. - McMurray, PA (Silver)." Choosing this as your shipping option, means that your new comics will be dropped off to our friends at SportsCardsEtc. every week at 110 West McMurray Road, McMurray, PA 15317. Stop in, give them your name, and you'll get your pull list every week!

New comics at huge discounts, every week, with no shipping costs!

So, what about that "Silver" included with the shipping options? Silver size bags and boards are also included in the price free-of-charge!.

New comics at huge discounts, every week, with no shipping costs, and with bags and boards included!!!

Of course, if you don't live in the Pittsburgh area and can't make it to SportsCardsEtc., we can ship you your comics monthly. Unfortunately, you will need to pay for shipping, but the bags and boards are still included. Also, at 35% to over 50% off cover price on comics and comic bundles, you'll find that AwesomeCollector.com is unbeatable!

If you have any requests, questions, or suggestions, please contact us at contactus@awesomecollector.com. AwesomeCollector.com is also on Facebook and Awesome Collector - Comics and AwesomeCollectorGMK (Godzilla-Mecha-Kaiju figures) are our group pages!

Jason Welling