How do I place comic orders?

Each month, all comics in Previews are available for preorder. You are ordering comics two months in advance. For example, comics preordered in May are expected to arrive in July. Expected release dates are included on each individual comic order page, when the information is available.

The monthly order due date for comics is displayed on the home page at the upper-left. It is also included on each individual comic order page. Comics can often be ordered after this due date, but it's always best to preorder before the deadline. Toys and other collectibles are usually available for preorder until they are released.

Monthly shipping is available if you don't live in the Pittsburgh area. If you choose monthly, all the comics received in July will be shipped to you in a single shipment. 

If you live around the Pittsburgh area, where AwesomeCollector.com is located, you can choose Free Shipping - SportsCards, Etc. Each week your comics will be dropped off to our friends at SportsCards, Etc. at 110 W McMurray Road, McMurray, PA 15317. This option allows you to get comics every week at huge discounts with no shipping costs!

Bags and boards are included with the purchase of each comic purchase at no additional cost. Your comics will be shipped with BCW Silver-Size bags and boards.