Black Panther (Marvel Legends) Wave 2 - 8 Figures (M'Baku BAF)

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Product Description
With the Black Panther Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. Each 6-inch-scale Black Panther Legends Series figure is highly articulated and features a movie or comic-inspired design, making them another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends Series.

Collect all figures in this Black Panther Legends Series Build-a-Figure collection to assemble M'Baku!

Product Features:

  • 6 inch (15.24cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Black Panther and Infinity War inspired designs
  • M'Baku Build-a-figure
  • Highly articulated figures

Box Contents:

  • 2x Black Panther (Vibranium) figure
    • Alternate hands
    • Maskless head
    • M'Baku arm
  • Black Panther (First act) figure
    • Maskless head
    • M'Baku arm
  • T'Chaka figure
    • M'Baku leg
  • Dora Milaje figure
    • 2 Alternate heads
    • Spear
    • Spear tip
    • 2 Rings
    • M'Baku leg
  • 2x Erik Killmonger figure
    • Mask
    • Pistol
    • Rifle
    • Staff
    • M'Baku head
  • Ulysses Klaue figure
    • Pistol
    • Alternate forearm
    • M'Baku body