Gan-Q (Large Monster Series) - RIC-Boy Exclusive

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** This figure is a Grey Market import. Please see below.

Product Size: Total height: approximately 25cm 

Product specifications: painted finished product

Gan-Q, renowned for its enigmatic presence in Episode 6 of "Ultraman Gaia" titled "Mocking Eyes," now takes its place among the esteemed ranks of the large monster series!

This perplexing entity defies conventional understanding, lacking any discernible biological functions or thermal signatures. Analysis renders it a bewildering conglomeration, aptly dubbed a 'mass of absurdity.' Its formidable arsenal includes metallic and rocky components, which it manipulates to unleash devastating rays and launch mental assaults, proving to be a formidable adversary for Ultraman Gaia.

In this remarkable rendition within the large monster series, meticulous attention has been paid to detail. Every aspect, from the multitude of eyes scattered across its form to the intricate spines adorning its head and the sinewy muscle-like fibers on its body, has been painstakingly sculpted to stunning three-dimensional effect. The prominent eyes at the forefront are crafted from transparent materials, enhancing their realism and texture.

Embrace the opportunity to add this captivating piece to your collection and delve into the mystique of Gan-Q!

Product details:
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Target age:
15 years old or older

* Please note that the final design may differ slightly from these initial images. Coloring is done manually. Please note that fine scratches, uneven paint, and shades of some color tone may be different for each figure. In the process of product shipping, fine scratches, rubbing and dirt may occur. © TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS 

** This figure is a Grey Market import from Japan. If you are not familiar with the term Grey Market, please allow us to explain. According to the Better Business Bureau, a Grey Market product is defined as "items manufactured abroad and imported into the US without the consent of the trademark holder. Gray market goods are not counterfeits; however, differences may exist between these goods and those goods produced for American sale. Some of these differences may involve warranty coverage or compliance with US regulatory requirements." 

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