Godzilla 1984 (The Legacy Series, Spiral Studio)

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Spiral Studio proudly presents the fourth release from "The Legacy Series", with Godzilla 1984 that started the great Heisei Godzilla Era.

Tanaka Kenichi-Sensei is back again with another masterpiece. TLSTK-GZ004: Godzilla 1984 is sculpted with highest precision in order to bring about the most accurate version of Godzilla 1984 in the market. Every wrinkle, recess, fold, and shape from the actual suit used in Shinjuku Battle scene is meticulously replicated on this statue, giving you the finest details with rubbery feel to the texture, just like our Godzilla 2001.
The in-house artisans at Spiral Studio also paid the absolution attention to the painting process where we depict all the smallest hue of color like dark cyan on the outer layer of the suit, deep brown on the folded parts of the skin, dusty wash in the crevices throughout Godzilla's entire body. The blood vessels on the eyes are also hand-painted to maintain the naturalistic look to them.

The Godzilla 1984 will be manufactured with highest-quality PVC to ensure that the craftsmanship is faithfully reproduced and what you see here is what you will receive. Having mentioned that, this product line is to honor the long legacy of Godzilla created by Toho, and realized into the finest statue by the most fitting artists. So when you purchased the statue, you are guaranteed with the quality, accuracy, and legacy of our sculptors woven into Godzilla's history.

Product Features:

  • 20.47 inches × 32.2 inches × 24.84 inches (52cm x 81.7cm x 63.1cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Edition size of 299
  • 3D Sculpt by Tanaka Kenichi (タナカ・STUDIO)
  • True to the details in the film

Box Contents:

  • Scale: 1/153
  • Dimensions: H 52 x L 81.7 x W 63.1 cm
  • Estimated Weight: TBD
  • Materials: PVC
  • Sculptor: Tanaka Kenichi


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