Godzilla 2004 - Poster Version (Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection/25cm series) - RIC-Boy Light-Up Exclusive

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Product Size:  Height:approximately 25cm, Length:approximately 26cm

Product specifications: complete painted figure

The Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection launches today with the Godzilla 2004 Poster Version!

The Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection is a selection of highly artistic masterpieces from the past works of Yuji Sakai - using his original molds and materials to recreate these works of art. Each model comes with a plated stand that includes the item name and series number, providing customers with a high-quality, luxury series of collectible items.

The first commemorative item in this series is Godzilla 2004 - Poster Version, from Godzilla Final Wars released in 2004!

This item was created by Mr. Sakai in 2004 as a three-dimensional recreation of the theatrical poster drawn by the master artist Noriyoshi Ohrai at the time of the film's release.

In contrast with the version of the monster as depicted in the film, this poster's Godzilla was recreated with beautiful detail down to the tiniest aspects, such as the buildings at his feet, and the crashing waves, and also includes details not even drawn in the original illustration.. This is a spectacular recreation of the world evoked by Mr. Ohrai's poster.

This item is a statue figure, crafted using Poly-materials, which were used to recreate the sharp dorsal spines and bumpy textures on the skin's surface, enabling intricate details that would not be possible with a normal PVC figure. The figure comes with a customized base, fitted with a plate that adds presence and high-quality luxury - making this a highly collectible work of art.

We invite you to bring home the beauty and character of this Godzilla 2004 - Poster Version, brought to three-dimensional life as a high-quality statue.

This is the RIC-Boy Exclusive version of the statue figure. AwesomeCollector.com also has the standard version that does not light-up available.

Modeled and produced by Yuji Sakai
Planning coordinator: SAKAI YUJI Zokei Kobo

Product details:

Product Material
Poly stone, PVC, ABS

Target age:
15 years old or older

* Please note that the final design may differ slightly from these initial images. Coloring is done manually. Please note that fine scratches, uneven paint, and shades of some color tone may be different for each figure. In the process of product shipping, fine scratches, rubbing and dirt may occur. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.