Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wave 3 of 6 Figures (Super7) - Ultimates

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The latest wave of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! packs a real punch! With Lord Zedd and Finster angling to put a bruising on the citizens of Angel Grove, the mighty Dino Megazord ready to dish out on any evil monsters that come its way, or a couple of teenagers with attitude with the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger and Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, the new wave of ULTIMATES! figures will round out the core of your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection.

ULTIMATES! details matter, and the more the merrier. That’s why the ULTIMATES! are made-to-order figures that come with a huge assortment of extra features—making them the most exceptionally intricate expressions of the character that we can possibly make, no matter how many extra faces it takes to get there.


  • 7-inch scale (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series
  • Incredibly detailed action figures with signature accessories
  • Comes in window box packaging with a collector's sleeve


  • Black Ranger figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Power Axe
    • Toyetic Power Axe
    • Power Crystal
    • Open Power Morpher
    • Extinguisher
    • Dragon Shield
    • 2 Dragon Shield Arms
    • Blade Blaster (Neutral)
    • Blade Blaster (Gun)
    • Blade Blaster (Blade)
    • Toyetic Blade Blaster
  • Blue Ranger figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • 2 Half Power Lances (Combinable)
    • 2 Quarter Power Lances
    • 2 Toyetic Power Lances (Combinable)
    • Power Crystal
    • Open Power Morpher
    • Foam Gun
    • Blade Blaster (Neutral)
    • Blade Blaster (Gun)
    • Blade Blaster (Blade)
    • Toyetic Blade Blaster
  • Finster figure
    • 4 Pairs of hands
    • Soft Goods Smock
    • Sculpting Tool
    • 3 Putty Sculptures
    • Pudgy Pig Sculpture
    • King Sphinx Sculpture
    • Magnifying Glass
  • Lord Zedd figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Staff
    • Snake
    • 3 Growth bombs
  • Dino Megazord figure
    • 2 Pairs of hands
    • Mastodon Shield
    • Sword
    • Coin
    • Yellow Ranger mini-figure
    • Pink Ranger mini-figure
  • Lord Zedd's throne