SpaceGodzilla 1994 Statue (XM Studios) - Version A

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XM Studios is excited to present SpaceGodzilla 1994!

Conceptualized and interpreted by XM Studios, together with acclaimed illustrator and sculptor Tanaka Kenichi, who is the 2D and 3D artist for Godzilla 2001 Bust and Shin Godzilla Bust.

This 60cm full-scale SpaceGodzilla collectible recreates SpaceGodzilla in the Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla 1994 movie's final battle scene.

XM's interpretation of Godzilla 1994 and SpaceGodzilla 1994 stays true to the original Japanese movie (Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla 1994). The man-in-suit effect in the sculpt and pose pays homage to the aesthetics of the iconic film. When CGIs in movie production had yet to become the norm, donning a thick rubber suit was the way to bring Godzilla to the big screen, and cables were utilized to maneuver its rigid tail to a camera-ready position and hand-painted buildings set the scene. These details and culture have paved the way to cement an iconic and unique production aesthetics that Godzilla fans and collectors affirm and adore.

In SpaceGodzilla XM has encapsulated all that with gorgeous detailing, color application and a solid composition. The crystal-like corona beam that protrudes from his shoulders, vertebrae and tail are sculpted and painted beautifully.

Accompanying Piece: Godzilla 1994
XM has also designed Godzilla as the accompanying piece, so collectors can display them side by side or facing each other, fully re-creating the final battle scene in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 1994.

SpaceGodzilla 1994 Ver A Features:

  • Depicts Godzilla in the final battle scene in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 1994 movie.
  • Simple, minimal rock-like base.
  • Crafted in Polystone
  • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with high-quality finish
  • Estimated Product size (LxBxHt) and weight: 88x120x80cm, 53kg
  • Estimated Box details: Box A: 90x75x55cm, Box B: 90x70x40cm, 64kg
Artists Involved:
  • Tanaka Kenichi
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team


    • Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ.
    • Batteries will not be included for products with light up features due to customs.
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