New X-Plus Japan Releases

Posted by Jason Welling on

Greetings Awesome Collectors!

Great news, the following X-Plus figures are scheduled to ship soon from

If you pre-ordered one or more of these figures, please look for final payments for your figures plus shipping to be charged soon. Please check your email for actual charge dates. We may also send shipping invoices via PayPal if you needed to make other arrangements, but please pay these as soon as possible. When possible, shipments are combined to lower shipping charges, but please understand this isn't always possible.

Godzilla 2019 (Deforeal series) - Ric-Boy Exclusive

Godzilla 2019 (Deforeal series) - Regular Version

Hedorah, Final Form (Soft Series) - Ric-Boy Exclusive

Baltan (Large Monster Series) - Steel Color Version Ric-Boy Light-up Exclusive

Ultraman Tiga, Dark Version (Large Monster Series) - Ric-Boy Light-up Exclusive

Mukadender (Large Monster Series) - Ric-Boy Exclusive

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